ImageSKUNameWeightRequest Quote
40301IPS-5200 Dispenser For Steel and Poly Strapping54 kg
326317Manual DPCL Dispenser for Steel Strapping450 kg
183288MIP-5100 Light Duty Steel-Poly Strap Dispenser59 kg
326041MIP-6250 Dispenser for Ribbon Wound Steel Strap65 kg
327162MIP-9000 EZ-Load Strap Dispenser for Steel and Poly59 kg
11853Signode DC-1A Dispenser For Steel Strap97 kg
11854Signode DD-1A Dispenser For Poly 7/1648 kg
1693Signode DF-1-12D Plastic Strapping Dispenser For Power Equipment97 kg
11849Signode DF-15 Dispenser For Steel or Poly 3/862 kg
11850Signode DF-16A Dispenser For Poly 5/862 kg
357381Signode DF-X Dispenser For Plastic Strapping or steel strapping58 kg
11847Signode Dispensers for Steel Strapping Strap Oscillated or Ribbon Wound Coils94 kg