ImageSKUNameWeightRequest Quote
11864CU-25 Signode Cutter 0057403 kg
11858CU-30 Signode Cutter 0058993 kg
275664CY-30 Signode Cutter 4260103 kg
353235EZ-Cut2 Safety Steel Strap Cutter5 kg
108541IPS-100 Cutter For Steel and Poly Strapping 3/8in. - 3/4in.3 kg
183289IPS-2300 Extra Heavy Duty Cutter For Steel Strap5 kg
108542IPS-CU30 Cutter For Steel/Poly Strapping 3/8in. to 3/4in. .0352 kg
350108Super Tymer EZ-Cut Safety Steel Strap Cutte5 kg