ImageSKUNameWeightRequest Quote
11779107 DG Thread-On Double Crimp Seal 700/cs45.99 kg
11782114 A Nestack Double Reverse Notch Seal 1,350/cs34.04 kg
11780114 OF Open Flange Double Notch or Double Crimp Seal 1,000/cs50 kg
11781114 P Push, Double Notch Seal For Steel Strapping 700/cs45.99 kg
11778114 TO Thread-On, Double Notch Seal 1,000/cs50 kg
1175912 AMP Nestack Seal 6,000/cs43.89 kg
1175712 SPC Push Seal 3,000/cs57.9 kg
1175612C Snap-On Seal 6,000/cs43.8 kg
11787208 TO Thread-On Double Notch Seal 300/cs45.9 kg
1177234 HCOF Open Flange Seal, 1,500/cs49.95 kg
1177334 HOC Push Seal 700/cs31.01 kg
9141434 MNT Nestack Seal 2,400/cs48 kg
1177534 PNSC Push Seal 4,000/cs54 kg
1177434 SHOC Push Single Notch Seal 1,200/cs30.96 kg
1176934C Snap-On Seal, 5,000/cs55 kg
1175238 SPC Push seal 5,000/cs38 kg
1175338-AL Nestack seal for steel 12,600/cs34.02 kg
1176258 SPC Push Seal 5,000/cs58 kg
1176358/34 AMP Nestack Seal50 kg
1176158C Snap-On Seal 4,800/cs45.12 kg