Thermal Transfer Label Perf 4in. x 6in.

Thermal Transfer Label Perf 4in. x 6in.

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4″ x 6″ White Thermal Transfer Label Perf 3″ Core 1000/rl 4rl/cs

Thermal transfer labels, whether purchased in rolls or fanfold, are used primarily within the transport and logistics industries, as well as consumer durable labeling. Thermal transfer labels utilize a technology that requires a thermal transfer ribbon when printing in order to transfer a printed image to the paper or film material being utilized. Thermal transfer labels generally provide greater durability than a direct thermal label.

  • High quality, Long-lasting label application
  • Can be used for applications including barcoding, outdoor and cold storage applications, record keeping, shipping and inventory control, product identification, and package identification
  • Available in colors
  • Available in rolls or fanfold, with or without perforations
  • Sold by the case
  • Product testing is highly recommended to make certain that the requirements of the application are met. Thermal labels are not recommended for applications requiring extensive environmental resistance.

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    Weight 6 kg

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