Strapping Machines

The benefits of strapping machines

When it comes to packaging equipment, a strapping machine will improve the production of your entire process. Strapping machines help reduce injury and the strain on your employees. They're also designed to match your whole production operation to reduce bottlenecks while keeping your employees safe. There's also a variety of machines to choose from depending on your needs. Machines like these work for steel or metal strapping, polyester strapping, and poly strapping. A strapping machine can be semi-automatic, fully automatic, and bundling. Equipment helps lower the amount of manual labor needed while decreasing the costs associated with labor.

An example of semi-automatic strapping equipment is the MOD GPX. One of our most popular strapping machines, the MOD GPX, offers interchangeable components that simplify maintenance and minimize service disruptions.

  • Automatic cut-off and re-feed (ACR) automatically ejects the mis-fed strap, rethreads itself, and continues strapping.
  • Unique chute design for consistent feeding.
  • Quick-release heat knife assembly to speed up routine maintenance.

Improving your packaging operation with a strapping machine

System integration

  • Strapping machines can integrate with an assembly line or conveyor system for a more automated packaging process.

Accurate tension

  • Strapping equipment allows the execution of a specific amount of tension to fit your every need.

Consolidate operations

  • Strappers consolidate all the strapping functions into just one process. This ensures products are held securely in place each time they're packaged.

Positive return on your investment

Machine strapping and other pieces of equipment help make your packaging process a smooth and efficient one. If you're relying on your employees to package your products correctly, you're missing out on cost savings. There's positive ROI to be had from strapping machines because they create consistent quality that you just can't get from people. They're programmed to work right each time. Machines will help decrease damage rates, labor costs, and overall cost per package.

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